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There are certain myths that surround golf that you should forget right now. Some of the most notable ones include: Golf is a sport for old people; it’s expensive to play golf; and it takes a lot of time to learn golf. These aren’t 100% true. Golf is a sport that can be played by all and sundry, including novices and even small children. It’s truly an executive kind of sport but not entirely out of reach financially speaking. Even so, you need to learn a few ropes around golfing as is the case with every other sport. (1)

Having crushed the myths, you need to understand that where you play golf matters a lot. This is so because if you get the best experience, training, and practice while playing golf, you’ll certainly become the best at it. Moreover, your desire is to derive maximum entertainment while playing golf. The Rich River Golf Club perfectly understands this and goes out of its way to offer members superb entertainment. Having said that, here are five great reasons to experience Rich River golf entertainment:

Exciting golf tournaments

Golf tournaments are a thrill to every golf diehard because our skills and expertise are put to the test. Considering that 84% of millennials say they find golf an interesting sport owing to its competitive nature, then it must truly be an exciting sport. (2)

If you concur, then you have enough reason to join the golfers at Rich River Golf Club. Here, you’ll take part in dozens of exciting tournaments, wherein you’ll interact with seasoned golfers and elevate your grasp of the game’s dynamics.

The tournament called The Ladies Team Events Annual Bowl is a particularly thrilling one, so it should be on top of your list. You should also consider taking part in Moama Masters Legends Pro Am, Bill & Margaret Mead, and Women’s Indulgence tournaments, which are equally richly entertaining.

Premium quality training

Experience is the best teacher, so they say. It applies to golfing too. Ideally, you ought to go through professional golf training if you’re looking to compete with the greats. Training and playing at a reputable club, like Rich River Golf Club, saves you the pain of paying for worthless courses, which abound out there after all. The club’s golf courses are specially designed to build your skills and challenge you to achieve better shots with every passing day.

Moreover, Rich River Golf Club boasts of dozens of professional golfers, from whom you’ll learn a lot. To add to that, it has several championship courses that speed-track your journey to professional golfing.

Executive accommodation

Every golf club resort must have accommodation for those days you want to sleep in and extend your golfing activities. After a long day on the course, you’ll definitely need to relax. For this reason, amenities such as villas or hotel rooms come in handy at golf club resorts. Rich River Golf Club doesn’t disappoint in this regard as it has state-of-the-art accommodation facilities.

With 40 standard suites, each of which can accommodate up to 4 people, and 22 deluxe rooms each with 1 king-size bed in the sleeping area and 1 bed in the lounge room, you can be sure to have a trendsetting staycation. The club also has executive suites for a much-desired luxurious experience as you stay at the resort. While on vacation, a place to rest after being exhausted should be easy to find and readily available.

You’d also want to stay at a golf club where you can order food and drinks. The Rich River Golf Club menu offers you options in pastries, sandwiches, wraps, and hot food from their distinguished chefs.

Aside from food and accommodation, Rich River also hosts a series of activities like swimming, bowling, driving range, and tennis. Indeed, Rich River Golf Club entertainment is top-notch, so you wouldn’t want to miss out.

Exceptional customer service

While having the time of your life at a golf course, nothing makes the experience worthwhile more than cordial staff who dutifully attend to all your needs. Indeed, customer service is a great reason to keep coming back for more.

Rich River knows this all too well, so that’s what it practises daily. The entire experience is blissful, from how you’re welcomed to how you’re served. You feel comfortable spending your time there and would always want to go back.

Shopping facilities

While on your staycation, you’d want to shop around. For a golfer, clubs and balls are top of your list during your stay-and-play vacation. You can shop around at Rich River golf club pro shop for all your golfing accessories, including clubs, balls, and miscellaneous golf merchandise such as polo shirts, caps, and stubby holders.


A great way to enjoy a golf resort is by applying for its membership programs. A club that has several membership programs should be on your radar. Club membership is advantageous in the following ways:

  • As a member, you’re allowed to use the facilities for personal matters. For instance, Rich River Golf Club can allow you to host your wedding at Rich River Golf Club Moama. To this end, visit the club’s online site and explore all options for Rich River Golf Club members bookings.
  • You can also play as many rounds as you want at no extra cost.
  • You also find playing buddies who are members.

You can get more information on these privileges by dialling the Rich River golf club phone number. 


A great golfing experience begins with choosing a reputable golf club resort. Rich River is one of them. So far, you have five valid reasons to experience Rich River entertainment. Get started by signing up as a member to experience golfing entertainment at its best.


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