COVID-19 UPDATE (last updated Tuesday 3rd April 2020)

Dear Golf Members,

The Board has decided to re-open the Golf Course to Members only in line with approval provided by the State Government of NSW. This will be subject to strict protocols and restrictions.

The Golf Course will re-open for play from 7.30am, 3rd April 2020. All play must be booked in either online or with the Pro Shop over the phone in advance.

The Golf Course will be open for Golf Members only. No visitors, guests or green fee players will be permitted to access the course. Similarly due to travel restrictions in place, long distance golf members and country golf members will not be able to play and access the limited tee times available.

Please log into the ‘Members Portal’ and ensure that you read the important update and are familiar with its contents.

We hope that all members are in good health and are looking after their health in this challenging environment.

Shane Gloury
Chief Executive Officer

Golfer’s Responsibilities
1.Players must arrive 15 minutes before hit off time.
2. Any group which falls more than one clear hole behind must either;
a) move quickly to catch up or
b) allow the group following to pass
Preferably the former.
3. It is the duty of the lowest handicapped player in each group to see that his fellow competitors observe the rules and etiquette of the
4. Rakes should be left in the middle of the bunker parallel to the fairway.
5. Players should read the local rules board prior to teeing off.
Men’s Golf Dress Regulations
• Shirts must be worn
• Shorts, with sport socks or long walk socks and appropriate footwear
• No large or offensive advertising on jumpers or shirts
• No tracksuits
• No metal spikes on the course or in the Clubhouse
Ladies’ Golf Dress Regulations
• Neat casual dress
• Long shorts or slacks
• Skirts
• Blouse
• T-Shirt with or without collar
Extreme Heat Policy
It is the policy of Rich River Golf Club Ltd to ensure safe playing conditions for competition participants in order to minimise the risk of
injury, illness or possibly death in circumstances of extreme hot weather.
In circumstances of extreme hot weather and humidity, the siren shall be sounded by 5 short notes, to notify players when the ambient temperature
reaches 38 degrees. Players may continue at their own discretion or may leave the course without prejudice. Scorecards will be marked –
no score without penalty. Players will not be entitled to any refund of competition fees.