COVID-19 UPDATE (last updated Thursday 2nd July 2020)

  • Members must book a tee time online or call the Pro Shop to book. There will be no walk-up golf. In booking a tee time online or via the phone, members will effectively be accepting the terms and conditions under which golf can currently be played at the Club.
  • Flagsticks must remain in the hole at all times and players are not to touch or remove the flagstick. The height of cups will be raised to make ball retrieval from the hole easier and players should avoid touching the bottom of the hole, the side of the hole or the flagstick itself when retrieving their golf balls from the hole.
  • Rakes have been removed from bunkers. Preferred lies will apply in bunkers and players can use their feet to smooth bunkers after playing their shot.
  • All members are reminded that the Federal Government is recommending that people aged over 70 should stay at home wherever possible for their own protection.
  • Golf Members are advised that should they choose to play golf, they do so at their own risk and that increased COVID-19 risks currently apply.
  • Golf Competitions will resume from Tuesday 5 May.
  • Scorecards will not be handed out and scoring for competition purposes must be done via the ‘Mi Score app’ available on smartphones. Pro Shop staff will also be available to assist members with the Mi Score app.
  • The driving range, practice putting green and all practice facilities will be open from Saturday 16 May.
  • Sand buckets will no longer be available for use by members. Members are encouraged to bring their own ‘sand bucket’ or similar device from home to fill divots. Members will be able to purchase from the Pro Shop a sand bucket for $1 which they can keep indefinitely and bring to the Club ever time that they play golf.
  • Ball washers and drinking fountains have been disabled.
  • Social distancing requirements apply. Everyone must maintain a distance of 1.5m from other people and interactions must be avoided where possible. Family relatives must abide by this.
  • The Pro Shop will be open from Saturday 16 May however there will be a limit of 25 customers that can be in the Pro Shop at any time. All purchases from the Pro Shop and other areas of the Club must be made via a card (paywave preferred) wherever possible. Members that simply need to check in and pay their competition fee for the day are encouraged to do so via the Pro Shop Window near the 1st West Tee without having to enter the Pro Shop.
  • A Pro Shop Staff Member will act as a Starter and Supervisor. They will be based inside the Pro Shop. When Players arrive they must report to the starter at the Pro Shop. Members are not to walk directly to the 1st tee without reporting to the starter.
  • Members are not to congregate outside the Pro Shop either before or after their round given the COVID-19 risk. All golfers must social distance.
  • If you feel ill or have any flu like symptoms, you must not attend the Club. Please seek professional medical advice and monitor your health.
  • If you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days, you must not attend the Club.
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, you must not attend the Club. You must immediately notify the CEO and other members whom you have been in contact with over the past 14 days.
  • Members not adhering to these conditions in the current environment will face serious sanctions and this will very likely include suspension of membership given the serious nature of the COVID-19 threat.

We thank all members for their co-operation and understanding in these unprecedented times. All of the conditions and restrictions have been put in place to increase social distancing, reduce interactions, minimise gatherings and to reduce the overall risk of spread of COVID-19. The Club is monitoring the situation closely and further changes in line with Government directives are possible in the weeks ahead. We will continue to keep members informed.

Yours sincerely,
Shane Gloury
Chief Executive Officer

Golfer’s Responsibilities
1.Players must arrive 15 minutes before hit off time.
2. Any group which falls more than one clear hole behind must either;
a) move quickly to catch up or
b) allow the group following to pass
Preferably the former.
3. It is the duty of the lowest handicapped player in each group to see that his fellow competitors observe the rules and etiquette of the
4. Rakes should be left in the middle of the bunker parallel to the fairway.
5. Players should read the local rules board prior to teeing off.
Men’s Golf Dress Regulations
• Shirts must be worn
• Shorts, with sport socks or long walk socks and appropriate footwear
• No large or offensive advertising on jumpers or shirts
• No tracksuits
• No metal spikes on the course or in the Clubhouse
Ladies’ Golf Dress Regulations
• Neat casual dress
• Long shorts or slacks
• Skirts
• Blouse
• T-Shirt with or without collar
Extreme Heat Policy
It is the policy of Rich River Golf Club Ltd to ensure safe playing conditions for competition participants in order to minimise the risk of injury, illness or possibly death in circumstances of extreme hot weather.
In circumstances of extreme hot weather and humidity, the siren shall be sounded by 5 short notes, to notify players when the ambient temperature
reaches 38 degrees. Players may continue at their own discretion or may leave the course without prejudice. Scorecards will be marked –
no score without penalty. Players will not be entitled to any refund of competition fees.