Our three Golf Professionals, Steven Loader, Richard Caiolfa & Ben Patten have exceptional talents in customer service, coaching and equipment repairs and would love to help you play the best golf of your life.

School of Golf
Purchase 4 x 30min lessons, get one FREE! $65 each lesson
Putting Lesson $25 each
30 minute Private Lesson $65
45 minute Group Lesson 2 Golfers $35pp
3 Golfers $30pp
4 Golfers $20pp
Professional Play Off: 
Play 9 holes with a Rich River Golf Pro with on-course instructions, lunch $229
Golf Getaways 
Coaching Golf Getaways can also be tailored to your needs. Contact the Pro Shop 03 5481 3372 for more information

Junior Golf

Junior group clinics for beginners to advanced juniors are held regularly throughout the year. Contact the Pro Shop on 5481 3372 to discuss the session that suit your needs.

Our current junior programs cover all areas of game development with driving, iron play, rules, etiquette and course management. The program includes:
• Practice fairway games
• Drill working on full swing
• Chipping and putting games
• Completion drills
• Pitching and bunker shots

School Groups
Rich River Golf Club also caters for school groups. Offering all areas of game development, we can tailor packages to suit.

Our additional junior coaching services includes a one hour video analysis and 6 x 15 minute follow up consultations over 12 months for $150pp.

Please contact us today on 03 5481 3372 or proshop@richriver.com.au

FlightScope Coaching Software

FlightScope club and ball-tracking data, in conjunction with simultaneous swing video, enable our golf professionals to explain more effectively than with swing video alone. Students experience a more rapid learning curve using FlightScope feedback, combined with swing video. We are now using flightscope for fitting golfers in the proper shafts, loft and all club fitting parameters.

In golf instruction, the use of video swing analysis is well understood and widely used. It is common practice to compare a student’s swing video to a reference player, often a PGA Tour Professional. Using video analysis alone provides visual feedback about the action for each player, but adding FlightScope club and ball tracking provides precise quantitative data of the club and ball travel as a result of the golf swing.

Ben Patten, our fitting professional, recently had a student hit some shots on FlightScope. He was trying to figure out why he spun the ball so much and couldn’t get any roll on the fairway. The FlightScope verified that he had excessive spin with his Driver. He was averaging around 3800 rpm’s with a premium golf ball. The club analysis screen showed he was hitting down 8-degrees at impact. We know the best players in the world swing pretty close to level, so we changed around a few things in his setup and changed his perception of what he should be doing with a Driver at impact. After about 10 swings he was down only 2-to-3-degrees. He gained 10 to 15m of carry in a 20-minute fitting session.

Come in for your lesson on the world’s first-ever Doppler Tracking Device for Golf.