You might hate to admit it, but the older you get, the more likely your nifty golf swing seems to change. While it’s only natural, keeping up your experience and practice is still the best way to keep in touch with your technique.

But along the way, there are still some easy ways you can support your approach and improve both your strength and speed. A key aspect of this is utilising golf balls that are specifically designed for seniors, allowing you to make a real difference in your game.

Introducing low compression golf balls

All balls are made differently. For seniors, low compression designs are the more common and better-suited option; they give you the ability not to have to swing so hard or as fast.

For the average gold ball, you’re likely to need to hit it pretty hard to get the most out of its design. But when it’s compressed, it travels through the air much further. Because of this, professionals prefer to use balls that sit at around 90-100 in compression rate.

If you feel that your swing isn’t up to scratch with what it used to be, then using the ‘typical’ ball isn’t going to get you those hole-in-ones. Instead, swap them out for a compression rate that embraces a level of 70mph or more. Ultimately, this means you can adapt your style of play to a design that’s better suited for your technique.

What if the ball is softer?

Not everyone is suited to a ‘softer’ ball. If you’re around the green a lot, these designs are ideal for gaining more control over the shots you take. They also allow you to improve your technique over time, as you can feel the way your club hits the ball more carefully.

If you’re taking longer shots, you should feel more compression when you hit the ball. Softer designs help you with this, even more, allowing you to maintain focus and control over each shot.

The best golf ball designs for you as a senior

If you’re looking to up your game now that the years have gotten on, then the first thing to do is commend yourself for admitting you need to adapt your abilities. The second step is to opt for designs that are suited to your swing and can help you progress your game.

Here are a few options we recommend:

  • Srixon Men’s Soft Feel: Suitable for golfers that have a slower swing, this design gives you a nice, straight shot. Cost-effective and perfect for 70mph speeds, it’s a softer option that offers a longer distance.
  • Callaway Golf Supersoft: A soft touch and a careful design make this one a top pic. It gives less spin and drags on your shots and lifts better than other alternatives.
  • Titleist DT TruSoft: Control your shots with a straight direction and low amounts of spin. Perfect for older types, they allow for more consistency and optimal compression.

What’s your must-have gear for hitting the green and improving your swing?