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Men's Golf AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the Rich River Men's Golf will be held at the Registered Office, The Clubhouse, Twenty Four Lane, Moama, NSW on Tuesday 21st NOVEMBER 2017 at 7pm. Nominations are now open, close on Tuesday 31st October at 5pm.

Men's Captain David Pearson 0438 039 798 Vice Captain Joel Watson
(03) 5482 2126

Men's Competition Days 
Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays (individual, mixed or medley).  
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Upcoming Demo Days
Titleist: 9am-2pm, Wednesday 25th October
Srixon: 12noon-3pm, Wednesday 1st November
Bookings essential at the Pro Shop 5481 3372

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Weekly Golf Report

Tuesday October 10th

Brian O’Neill continued his good form to take the A Grade honours with thirty-nine points. Stan Barker also beat an in-form Alan Eacott and Barry Page had the score of the day with a magnificent forty-six points. John Stone and Wayne Young were the placegetters with fine scores themselves. There were one hundred and thirty-seven in the field on the West course with thirty-eight points winning a voucher.
A Grade: Brian O’Neill (39 Points), 1. Steve Presser (38), 2. Nick Batchelor (37), 3.
B Grade: Stan Barker (41 Points), 1. Alan Eacott (40), 2. Brian Sharp (40), 3.
C Grade: Barry Page (46 Points), 1. John Stone (43), 2. Wayne Young (43), 3.
NTP’s: 4th – Andrew Purdy, Alan Eacott & Doug Biggs. 8th – Jason Scott, David Davison & Gerald Walker-Brown. 13th – Jason Scott, Bruce Aitken & Barry McMillan.
Super-pin – Doug Biggs $101.

Thursday October 12th

Dean Bruns and Theo Hojnik combined with a couple of young guns Jayden Dixon and Jonty Jeoffreys to win the Puttose event. Alan Eacott, Alan Johnson, Don Healey and Jim Swinnerton were only a shot behind. There were one hundred and ninety-two in the field on the West course with Nett 52 winning a voucher.
A Grade: Jayden Dixon, Jonty Jeoffreys, Dean Bruns & Theo Hojnik (Nett 50), 1. Alan Eacott, Alan Johnson, Don Healey & Jim Swinnerton (51), 2. Bob Young
NTP’s: 4th – Robin Quinn, Marcus Edwards & Murray Matthews. 8th – Des Carey, Gordon Jasch & Bill Holmfield. 13th – Perter Sargentson, Geoff Crossman & Geoff Strachan.
Super-pin – David Edwards $131.

Saturday October 14th
The second round of the Club Championships were played on Saturday with Kirk Ardley extending his lead in A Grade. Kirk is seven ahead of youngster Blair Christie with Dean Jacobs a further two shots back. It is close in B Grade with Andrew Purdy two in front of Simon Locke and Andrew Tewhata. It looks like a two horse race in C Grade with Neil Haw and Ian Yeo well in front of the chasing pack. Neil will be hard to beat, but don’t under-estimate the dogged “Yowie”. Anything can happen in D Grade with Robbie George, David Cockroft, Noel Sholl and John King in the box seat. The final round is on Sunday with the first hit-off at 10.30am and the leaders teeing off at 12.10pm. It was the biggest field of the year with one hundred and ninety-six on the East course with nett 74 winning a voucher.
A Grade: Peter Quanchi (Nett 72), 1. Blair Christie (72), 2. Jason Scott (72), 3.
B Grade: Wayne Douglas (Nett 68), 1. Peter Baldock (70), 2. Bruce Cumming (72), 3.
C Grade: Neil Haw (Nett 70), 1. Stephen Moss (72), 2. Leon Burton (73),3. D Grade: Terry O’Burtill (Nett 68), 1. Glynn Davies (68), 2. John King (69), 3.
NTP’s: 3rd – Steve Levy, Keith McCormack, Mark McGann & David Cockroft. 8th – Steve Jones, Gary Milligan, Andrew Briggs & Terry O’Burtill. 13th – Jade Bennett, Ap Kuiper, Rob Kilgour & Paul Devitt. 16th – Bruce Richards, Andrew Tewhata, Mitchell Pearson & Keith Jenkinson.
Eagle 11th – Peter Quanchi.
Super-pin – Bruce Richards $178.

Men's Club Championships 2017 

The final round will be on Sunday 22nd October.


Kirk Ardley 146   Guy Galvin 143
Blair Christie 153 Kirk Ardley 144
Dean Jacobs 155 Jonty Jeoffreys 145
Glenn Rogers 156 Craig Grame 146
Jonty Jeoffreys 157 Joel Watson 146
Steve Jones 157 Mark Scholes 147
Craig Grame 158 Gavin Radley 149
Cooper Gentle 159 Glenn Rogers 150
Steve Levy 159 Jade Bennett 150
Guy Galvin 160 Matt Young 150
Joel Watson 162 Blair Christie 151
David Pearson 162 Dean Jacobs 151
George O'Sullivan 163 Cooper Gentle 151
Nathan Richards 163 George O'Sullivan 151
Mark Scholes 164 Nathan Richards 151
Rory Priddle 165 Kim Richardson 152

Andrew Purdy 165 Simon Locke 142 
Simon Locke 167 Andrew Purdy 145
Andrew Tewhata 167  Chris Loton 146
Peter Baldock 168  Andrew Tewhata 147
Chris Loton 171  Peter Baldock 148
Peter Sargentson 171 Peter Sargentson 149
Darren Burr 171 Darren Burr 149
Damian Bawden 174 Col Heywood 149
Col Heywood 175 Damian Bawden 150
Steve Edwards 176 Brian O'Neill 151 
Brian O'Neill 177 John Tomlinson 152
John Tomlinson 177 Craig Maconachie 153
Steve Tonkin 177 Steve Edwards 154
Andrew Jacobs 177 Marcus Kenna 154 
Terry Goninon 178 Austin Baker 154
Marcus Kenna 178 Steve Tonkin 155
Austin Baker 180  
Kaine Anderson 180  
Col Masenhelder 180  


Neil Haw 174 Neil Haw 138
Ian Yeo 176 Ian Yeo 147
Joe Shiels 182 Stephen Moss 148
Simon Putna 185 Mike Mangiameli 150
Stephen Moss 186 Ian Young 151 
Mike Mangiameli 186 Joe Shiels 152 
Steven Bird 187 Steven Bird 152
Ron Meikle 187 Dion Roberts 152
Rob Kilgour 188 Aaron Loader 153
Raymond Kissell 188 Paul Nevill 154
Dion Roberts 190  Simon Putna 155
Vince Pavone 190  Ron Meikle 155
Ian Young 191 Rob Kilgour 155
Matt Lees 191 Matt Lees 155
Chris Day 191 Raymond Kissell 156
Harley Williams 191 Chris Day 157
  Alan Williams 157
  Michael Badura 157

Robbie George 186  Robbie George 138 
David Cockroft 188  Noel Sholl 141 
Noel Sholl 189  John King 145
John King 190 David Cockroft 146
Keith Jenkinson 196 Brian Harland 146
Peter Bawden 196 Keith Jenkinson 148 
Garry Jones 196 Bob Young 152
Craig Opie 197 Craig Opie 153
William Brodribb 197  Alex McCrae 153
Bob Young 198  Peter Bawden 154
Terry Jeoffreys 198 Garry Jones 154
Andrew Marr 201  Terry Cargill 154 
Alex McCrae 203 Stuart Milgate 155 
Lewis Whitehead 203 William Brodribb 155
Ted Retallick 203 Terry Jeoffreys 156
  Lew Whitehead 157

Guy Galvin 160 Neil Haw 138
Joel Watson 162 Robbie George 138
George O'Sullivan 163 Noel Sholl 141
Craig Healey 166 Simon Locke 142
Simon Locke 167 Guy Galvin 143
Peter Baldock 168 John King 145
Kim Richardson 168  Joel Watson 146
Chris Loton 171  Chris Loton 146
Peter Sargentson 171 David Cockroft 146
Graham Peat 171 Brian Harland 146
John Bedford 173 Peter Baldock 148
Neil Haw 174 Stephen Moss 148
Col Heywood 175  Keith Jenkinson 148 
Steve Edwards 176 Peter Sargentson 149
Brian O'Neill 177 Col Heywood 149
Marcus Kenna 178 Mike Mangiameli 150

Blair Christie 153 Blair Christie 151
Nathan Richards 163 Nathan Richards 151
Cooper Gentle 169 Cooper Gentle 151
Austin Baker 180 Aaron Loader 153 
Courtney Loader 189  Austin Baker 154
Aaron Loader 193 Courtney Loader 157 

October Golf Syllabus

Saturday 1st  Sunday Socialites
Tuesday 3rd Men's Stableford
Thursday 5th Men's Stableford 
Saturday 7th Men's Stroke
Sunday 8th Pars & Birdies
Tuesday 10th Men's Stableford
Thursday 12th Men's 4 Person Puttose
Saturday 14th Men's Stroke
Sunday 15th Men's & Ladies Stableford
Tuesday 17th Men's Stableford
Thursday 19th Men's Stableford
Saturday 21st Men's 4BBB Par
Sunday 22nd Men's & Ladies Stableford
Tuesday 24th Men's 4 Person Ambrose
Thursday 26th  Men's Stableford
Saturday 28th Men's Stableford
Sunday 29th Men's & Ladies Stableford
Tuesday 31st Men's & Ladies Stableford

Privilege Cup

You hold the cup until it is next played for and you may ask any member to fill it for you for the period you hold it. If you ask a member twice in the period you must buy him the same size drink. It may be filled with any tap beer or soft drink if you are not a drinker.

A junior may win the Privilege Cup but it is only to be filled with soft drink if the junior is under drinking age.

January  Len Drill 
February  Andrew Jacobs 
March  Glynn Davies 
April  Gary Bennett 
May  Steve Palling 
June  Jonty Jeoffreys 
July Geoff Burke
August John McPhee
September Len Drill

Upcoming Events: 

Sunday Socialites   
Date: Sunday 12th November                           
Time: 8.00am for 8:30am shot gun
Format: Stableford event (mixed format, any gender combinations)
Cost: Entry $20 includes a Lunch Special

*Terms and conditions:
Non-members must also pay green fees.
Non-playing partners $11pp (please pre-book at Pro Shop for catering purposes, pay on the day. 

Please see all upcoming tournaments here.