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Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays (individual, mixed or medley).  
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Weekly Golf Report

Tuesday April 10th 

There were one hundred and fifty five golfers on the East playing in a par event. Keith Jones and Ken Thompson shared the scores of the day with +8.The ball countdown went to Ian Turpin with +4.
A Grade: Chris Jennings (+6) 1, William Connor a visitor (+4) 2, William Bayles (+2)
B Grade: Keith Jones (+8), Shayne Trigwell (+6) on a C/B from Jim Wagstaff (+6)
C Grade: Ken Thompson (+8), Ian Roy (+6), Roger Stannaed (+50
NTP’s: 3rd – Chris Jennings, David Cockroft & Noel Wallace. 8th – Greg Cadd, Robin Quinn & John Marks. 13th – Stephen Presser, Joop Flokstra & Barry Graham. 16th – Chris Jennings, Daryl George & Terry Cargill. Super Pin - Daryl George $114

Thursday April 12th
There was one hundred and seventy two golfers playing the East Course on a fine day with the best score of 44pts going to Robin Quinn and 38 points winning a voucher.
A Grade: Stephen Morgan (40) 1, James Dalton (40) 2, Bob McKinnon (39) 3
B Grade: Robin Quinn (44) 1, Neil Edwards (42) 2, Craqig Bessell (41) 3
C Grade: Alan Savage (42), Travis Windridge (42), Ian Baylis (42)
NTP’s: 3rd – James Dalton & Trevor Moody. 8th – Len Prior, Ray Burgman & Barry McMillan 13th –Andrew Jacobs, John Taylor & Ala Tonkin 16th – William Bayles, Ted Fordham & John Peterson. Super Pin – William Bayles $144.

Saturday April 7th
There were one hundred and forty four golfers on the East course braving the conditions playing for The Monthly Medal which was won by Karl Mathers with a net score of 68. The ball rundown went to 76 on a c/b with 5 players missing out.
A Grade: Adam McCrae 70 gross, Stephen Edwards 71 net, Andrew Tewhata 72 net
B Grade: Peter McLaughlin 88 gross, Morrell Lake 71 net, Mark McGann 73 net
C Grade: Roman Lewandowski 93 gross, Kark Mathers 68 net, Peter Boek 71 Net. NTP’s: 4th – Steven Jones, Stephen Tonkin & Brendan Kneebone. 8th – Peter Whitbourn & Marcus Kenna. 13th – Greg Cadd, Simon Putna & Darryl Telfer. Super Pin of $137 went to Stephen Tonkin.

Murray River Challenge 2018

Left is a photo of the 56 RRGC golfers and 56 Murray Downs golfers who participated in the third annual River Murray Challenge held at the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club on April 15th.

Teams played a mixed fourball event with results for each club being totalled then averaged. Sadly the home team Murray Downs won the challenge with a 38.14 average ahead of Rich River with 36.14.

A separate fourball event was run in conjunction with challenge. Rich River players Cheryl and Ken Ashworth (pictured below) won the day with 45 points ahead of fellow Rich River Team mates David and Jenny Kirkpatrick on 44points. Rosalie Drill and Joel Watson won nearest the pins.

Next years event will be held at the RRGC on March 24th.

Captain's Report

*Premier League – Twelve teams are trying to take down the Reluctant Heroes this season with the HAKKAS currently leading the way. I am expecting an apology from Pro Ben Patten at some stage, who suggested the only reason we were on top is that most of us are teachers and only work six months of the year. When l get back from holidays l will follow this up!

*Bunker Rakes - Please put the rakes in the middle of the bunker parallel to the fairway.

*Tee Markers – Remember to use Black markers on Saturday, White on Thursday and Blue on Tuesday’s.

*Murray Downs Challenge – On Sunday the 15th of April and a number of mixed teams are trying to win it away from home for the first time. Good Luck.

*Handicap Match-play – We are up to the Semi-Final stage which is to be played by April 22nd.

*Bill Mead – Congratulations to all involved and especially Richard who put on this amazing week for all our veteran visitors. To have so many visit, love the golf courses and all the other facilities was great for our Club.

*CEO Shane outlined the plan for the golf courses moving forward at the recent AGM, with the Board allocating more money to Andrew and his staff to get our East course back into the top 100 public courses in Australia. Bunker renovations, rolling the greens more and the purchase of an excavator are all a step forward to achieving this goal. The purchase of water and updating of the watering system are also on the agenda

*Course Works – work has begun on 16 West to remove some of the plants on the left hand side of the fairway and in front of the Fairways Estate.

*If you have suggestions or see something on the course that needs attention do not hesitate to talk to one of the committee or contact me.

Let’s hope we have our second Aussie winner of the US Masters this month!

Captain - David Pearson.

Scratch Kirk Ardley 68 (twice) 
Nett  Grant Scott 62 
Stableford  John Bracher 49 
Par  Mick Gibson +9
4Ball Barry McPherson & Chris Bilkey 52
Aces  Peter Colliver, Steve Jones, John Devitt, Mark Scholes, Cliff Schindler & David Borthwick

April Golf Syllabus

Sunday 1stMen's & Ladies Stableford
Monday 2ndMen's & Ladies Par
Tuesday 3rd Men's 4 BBB Stableford
Thursday 5th Men's Stableford
Saturday 7th 
Men's Stableford
Sunday 8th  Socialites
Tuesday 10th Men's Par
Thursday 12th Men's Stableford
Saturday 14th Men's Stroke
Sunday 15th  Men's & Ladies Stableford
Tuesday 17th Men's Stableford
Thursday 19th Men's Stableford
Saturday 21st Men's Stableford
Sunday 22nd Men's & Ladies Stableford
Tuesday 24th  Men's Stableford
Wednesday 25th Men's & Ladies Stableford (shot gun)
Thursday 26th Men's Par
Saturday 28th Men's Stableford
Sunday 29th Socilaites

Privilege Cup

You hold the cup until it is next played for and you may ask any member to fill it for you for the period you hold it. If you ask a member twice in the period you must buy him the same size drink. It may be filled with any tap beer or soft drink if you are not a drinker.

A junior may win the Privilege Cup but it is only to be filled with soft drink if the junior is under drinking age.

January  Mick Young
February  Mitch Pearson
March  Dean Jacobs
April  Jesse Dean

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