Greens Report

Andrew Johnson
Course Superintendent Report 

Course Improvement Plan 2017 - East
Course Improvement Plan 2017 - West 

Updated - 10 April 2018
All tees have been sprayed with a pre and post emergent herbicide for the control of annual grasses.                                                       
It has been a busy month keeping up the maintenance work to all greens. We have been trying to keep to a weekly rotation of dusting and dethatching to improve ball roll and smoothness in the surface. The increased pressure of rolling causes compaction so it is very important that this is relieved by monthly verti-draining to maintain turf health.
I have been sent another sand and a plug sample of one of proposed bunker liners. I have also been sent the golf clubs that both use Capillary concrete and custom bond bunker liners to ask them which they prefer. I have costing on both products, now we need to determine which is going to be the most suitable and cost effective for our needs.
We did not have a very good start to the month due to a river pump submersible shutting down. We were working on only 1 pump for two weeks while we waited for a new one to arrive. I am still waiting on the report from the pump motor to find out what caused the motor to seized.                                                                                      
Water Availability
Water allocations for general security increased to 51%. As march has been a very dry month our water consumption has been very high. Our water usage for the month was more then January. From the July 1 2017 to April 3 our total water pumped from the river is 544 megs. If these dry conditions continue which all reports they will I can see our usage going well over 600 megs plus.
Our carry over water balance now stands at 155 megs from the 16th April. As mentioned at the start of the year, our carry over water balance is very important for there start of the new season. We can not predict what will happen over the next 6 months but if it remain dry general security water allocations will be well below what we need to supplement out water usage for the 2018/2019 season. I am recommending to purchase a minim of 100 mgs of temp water in the next 2-3 weeks to insure we can maximise our carry over balance of 245 megs.
Volunteer Work 
No Report
All fairways renovations were completed and now we have just finished spraying pre & post emergent herbicide for the control of many annual grasses that germinate this time of the year. This herbicide was tested last year on the east course fairways with very good results. So we decided to treat all areas this year. The herbicide gives us 7 months plus control of all annual grasses both warm and cool season. It very expensive but worthwhile considering the length of control.
We are now preparing the greens for the winter which involves increasing cutting heights and applying products for spring dead spot prevention. We have also now started trimming all hedges. The large Photinia hedges remain which we expect to start on soon.                                                                                                                                                                          
We have planted a couple of small bushed in the corner of the cart shed and the power pole. There is some turf damage in the far east corner of the green. I think tree roots are a mayor problem there soaking up all the water.                                                                                              
RESIDENTIAL ESTATE                  
Fences have been installed to the east & west side of lot 19. We now have to complete the landscaping once the owners in.
No Report.
No Report.                                          
FUTURE WORKS                                  
Complete the beautifications works along the 16th west.
No report.
We have had the delivery of the bowls roller early in the month. We are expecting the excavator to arrive in the second week of April and the greens rollers after that.  
Our main focus now is to complete the 16th west beatification works which will take most of our resources over the next 4 weeks. I have updated our course maintenance action list which seems to be getting bigger each month. There is a lot of other works that get completed which I have included to the list.
We had 5mm of rain for the month. The progressive rainfall is 34mm.
The same time last year we had 15mm of rain for the month of March and the progressive was 48mm.