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Andrew Johnson
Course Superintendent Report 

Course Improvement Plan 2017 - East
Course Improvement Plan 2017 - West 

Updated - 08 February 2018
We scarified all of the east tees early in the month. We will be doing the west sometime this month.                               
It has not been a very enjoyable time for managing bent grass in the lead up and during the tournament. The hot weather, high humidity and rain caused all types of pathogens to develop in a short space of time. You add on constant rolling and close mowing for a over week and bang the greens change overnight from been very healthy one minute to poor the next.This was the case during the tournament week when we could see rapid decline in some greens. A soil sample was sent away to Sydney mid week for testing. I received the results late Friday and ordered the correct fungicides so we can treat them when the chemical arrives. The full diseases report is included inward correspondence. Moving forward we have since verti-drianed all greens with a solid 8mm tynes to improve water movement through the profile. Following this we have applied wetting agents and also will continue our monthly organic program. We have also have another pest in the greens which is leaving a small 50 cent size dead area in the greens. It will be treated as soon as the chemical arrives. After we get all of the programmed products out we will be starting dusting greens. 
All bunkers on east course were topped up with new sand. When we complete some other outstanding projects we will start putting more sand in the west bunkers.
Another extremely busy month with many issues emerging daily. We also had to replace 5 operating cards ( mother boards ) from satellites around the course. There was as lot of disruption during the month on our irrigation system which meant water that was programmed did not operate. These main operating boards are getting on in age, ants, spiders and small insects damage the electrical components and they stop working. Our course irrigation system communicates via a UHF Frequency and it has been in operation since the early 2000. Due to issues with the communications with the main base station we contacted the suppliers of the system and carried out some system checks. These checks, test the strength of the signal from main base Aerial to the course irrigation satellites. After we received a report from the suppliers it was recommended that we replace the cable and the main aerial.  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 22.1px Calibri; color: #000000} I had to also purchase 500m of hose for sprinkler stands to water all dry areas on course. New sprinklers were also purchased for greens and fairways. There is water breaks everywhere and we are addressing them in order of importance.
Water Availability
Water allocations for general security are at 49%. We have currently 311 megs of water available from the March 5th. These figures have been calculated from the water that I have ordered and expected use over the next four weeks. The plan now is to make sure we have enough carry over for the 2018/2019 season. There is a very high chance we need to buy temp water for next season. High securty water prices are still above $4000 a meg
Volunteer Work 
Bob and his crew have been removing more branches and trees that have fallen down. They also have painted a red line around most lakes on course to remove the red stakes that we had in place.
All fairways were foliar fertilised and an application of a growth retardant was applied to reduce growth. We are now continuing to scarify the remaining fairways on both courses.
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RESIDENTIAL ESTATE                  
The turfing and preparation of the lot 22 backyard is complete as per the contract. We are now planning for the beautification works along the 16th west which involves installing new irrigation lines and sprinklers. This will then enable us to greatly improve the aesthetics of the hole while reducing maintenance on the garden areas. A plan on how this will look will be made available for the club and the residents at Fairways.
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FUTURE WORKS                                  
Complete all works on 4th & 15 west
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I will be submitting quotes to the board for new equipment which will be green rollers an excavator and trailer and a fuel storage facility.
We had 29mm of rain over 4 days for the month.
The same time last year we had 11mm of rain for the month of January.