Greens Report

Andrew Johnson
Course Superintendent Report 

Course Improvement Plan 2017 - East
Course Improvement Plan 2017 - West 

Updated - 4th June 2018
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As the greens are now slowing down in growth, we are decreasing our cutting and concentrating on rolling and looking after the turf leading into winter. We had some small pockets of disease on the west greens which was treated early on in the month. Verti-drianing will still be continued to improve water flow through the profile and also decrease compaction caused from the rolling.
The front west bunkers have all been checked for sand depth and added where required. We expect to complete the back west prior to the ladies championships. All bunkers where trimmed and fly mowed before the ladies tournament.
We have a 150mm mainline leak right hand side of the 10th east green which has many repairs along a 30 meter length. So we are now going to replace this section of pipe and fix it permanently. We have another on the right hand side of he 1st west fairway which is currently roped off. This brake has a very large tree right over the mainline. We will have to remove the tree and also we may have to replace the section of pipe there too. What ever the club dose with tree planting and irrigation upgrade into the future they need to keep well away from all water services.
We have may irrigation brakes around the course that have been repaired and have ropes around them to protect the area. Where we can, we will turf and rope off so the turf can root into that soil. Unfortunately this time of the year the turf will sit there for some time before it can be open up for play. We have removed ropes from 13th west and I hoping that we not destroy what we have planted. We can certainly look at other options to rope off sites to improve the visual aspect and playability.                                                                                                          
Water Availability
Our total water availability from the 1st July will be 539 megs. This includes the temp and high security water just recently purchased. I have not included any general security allocation because I do now expect any allocations announcements until August /September. Even if we get minimal water allocations next season the club will have enough water to meet our demands.
Volunteer Work 
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The fairways have lost some colour due to irrigation been decreased leading into winter plus the unseasonal warm temperatures experienced during the month. It always is a balance of watering fairways going into winter and having wet and dry areas. On a positive note our winter grass populations are well done on previous years due to our spray programs conducted in March. We will apply foliar spray of Iron & Magnesium on fairways at the end of June to define the cut potion of the fairway. We also will continue to remove Kikuyu and paspalum out of fairways too.
As bowls is now slowing down we need to start working on hedging all the photinia's and treating weeds in the banks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
As mentioned under Greens we are not cutting much grass off greens, so we will be continuing to give greens at least one roll per week and drop off a cut.                                                                                                                      
RESIDENTIAL ESTATE                  
The fences are completed on lot 19 and also the back fence on lot 22, we are in the process now on completing the landscaping of lot 19 and turfing of the side strip.
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FUTURE WORKS                                  
We have been working on our greens nursery during the month and we expect to plant the green at the end of May.
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Over the next two months we be are servicing and checking all equipment as part of our winter program. We have a couple of small tractors in our container which we do not use anymore which we hope to sell. We also have many 1000lt shuttles that are not in use which we also will sell. Our compound is a dumping ground and we are going to make a concentrated effort to clean it up over the coming months.
We expect to plant out in front of lots 11 & 12 at the start of June and then we will shift our works down on lots 3, 5 and 7. As discussed this will be planted out in Rye grass seed to give cover until summer, then we can transition over to couch in the summer. There has been a considerable amount of works completed along 16th west, whilst we are still maintaining the golf course and also landscaping at Fairways.
RAINFALL 2018                  
We had 33.5 mm of rain for the month over 5 days. The progressive rainfall total is 73.5mm
RAINFALL 2017                  
The same time last year we had 20.5mm of rain for the month of May and the progressive total was 159.5mm.