Greens Report

Andrew Johnson
Course Superintendent Report 

Course Improvement Plan 2017 - East
Course Improvement Plan 2017 - West 

Updated - 7th December 2017
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Due the cooler start to the month we applied a product to kerb the growth of winter grass in the greens. We have had very good results and now we have followed up with another product so we can promote the bent grass and slowly remove the winter grass. It is a delicate balance with this process but our aim is to improve more bent grass because this provides a better putting surface and more consistent.
Due to recent rain and increased irrigation our bunkers have compacted and have been difficult to maintain. The bunkers that have renovated have been fine and playable.
Two air valves were replaced down at the river pump station and there has been normal breaks and repairs to the irrigation system. We are replacing sprinkles around the east course fairways bunkers because of poor water coverage and decreasing the amount of water in the bunkers.                                          
Water Availability
Our water usage has decreased significantly this month due the 49mm of rain we had. Water usage was 56 megs compared to 110 megs last month. Water allocations for general security are at 35%. I expect water allocations to improve slightly with the impending rain that we expected to get in the next few days of December.
Volunteer Work 
The boys have been busy again this month picking up fallen limbs and branches. They have also assisted in planting at lot 22 at Fairways estate.
Course Works 
We have excavated the wet areas between the 15th west green and 16th west tee, sand will be brought in and it will be shaped and turfed.
We have started to scarfer fairways to remove thatch and I expect this to continue to the end of December.
Paspalum has been treated on the practise fairway                                                                                                                        
The west green has been double scarified and will be working on the other greens to reduce thatch and improving speed and consistency.                                                                                                                 
More dead and diseased trees have been removed on the west course.
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RESIDENTIAL ESTATE                  
We have completed the fences at lot 22 and landscaping. We still have to turf their backyard. We expect to complete lot 6 fences and landscaping over the next two weeks.
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FUTURE WORKS                                  
Complete 12th west bunker swale and 15th west works near green.
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We had 49mm of rain over 2 days for the month, the progressive is 324.5 mm.
The same time last year we had 12mm of rain for the month of November and the progressive rainfall was 482.5mm