Golf is known to be a little bit of a trickier sport, sometimes even considered ‘elite’. In movies, it’s played by older men that like to sport vibrant colours, while from household to household, we know names like Greg Norman and Tiger Woods. In actual fact, golf can be played by just about anyone; you just have to get over the initial intimidation and try your hand at it.

So if you’re a beginner, here are a few tips to help you on your way to becoming (somewhat of) a professional.

Get lessons

Don’t underestimate the power of lessons. While you may have a knack for being stubborn and just “learning it yourself”, professional instructors can help you get your swing right and ensure you stay away from bad habits that sometimes can’t be reversed.

Watch your putting

Don’t neglect your putting approach. While you may be obsessed with the driving range, constantly hitting shot after shot at long range won’t give you the diversity you need with your swings. Putting accounts for half of your strokes on the green, so make sure you’re giving it the time of day.

Visit the local driving range

A driving range will help you hit a few balls without the hassle of having to go out and find them in the abys. They’re also ideal for getting professional instruction or advice. Just remember our tip above on making sure you balance practising your putting too.

Improve your etiquette

Golfing etiquette is a thing. Avoiding it could land you in all sorts of trouble, without you even knowing you’re doing anything wrong. For example, wheeling your trolley right across the course might land you a good talk from the greenkeeper, while an extremely slow play could have you face to face with their players. Know the unspoken rules before you head out on the green.

Stock up on secondhand balls

If you’re new to the game, losing balls will be expensive and common. So, instead of investing hard-earned money on balls you’ll never see again, buy a whole lot of secondhand balls to get you started. As your game improves, you can look forward to rewarding yourself with a proper set of your own.

Be prepared for a whole round

When you are finally ready to hit the course, remember that a full round can take up to four hours, especially if it’s busy. Make sure you have all the essentials you need in your golf bag and have plenty of your secondhand balls available.

Don’t feel pressured by others

More experienced golfers may intimidate you every now and then, but don’t worry about feeling pressured by them as you progress through the round. As long as you don’t play far too slow, you’ll be fine. Let them pass and move on with your game so you don’t have to feel like you’re being watched. Remember that everyone was a beginner at some point in time.