We’ve all seen Al Czervik’s iconic golf bag in Caddyshack, but while you may not need all the bells and whistles he sports, there’s still a few essentials always worth taking out on the green.

In this post, we’re running through our top five must-have tidbits to hit the course with the next time you’re out for a putt.

Our top picks to take with you on the green

Surely there’s a saying about how much you can tell about a golfer by what’s in his bag, right? While some of us aren’t too fussy about what we bring along, others make it a passion to ensure they’re fully kitted out for their next day out on the greens. And we don’t blame them. There’s no better feeling than being well prepared for your next round. So, here’s what we think you should pack.

1. A GPS device of some sort

Smartphones can only do so much in the way of intricate location work. A high-quality laser rangefinder can help you judge your position in terms of elevation. It’ll also give you distances from the front, centre or back of the green so you have complete transparency around your shots.

2. Ballmark repair tools

Some players use a tee but ballmark repair tools are super handy. They’re one of those things that you wish you packed when you didn’t. Keep it accessible in your front pocket so you can fix up a ballmark if you need to – it only takes a few seconds to do and it’s a much easier way to leave the green in better shape.

3. A high-quality, insulated water bottle

Trust us, you’ll miss this one when it’s not around. A majority of golf bags have a pocket specifically for holding a water bottle. Try to find one that keeps your drink cool when you want it to be, and hot when you want it to be. There’s plenty on the market these days, some fancier than others – so take your pick.

4. Sunnies

These are a must. Not only for the health of your eyes but for ensuring a good shot. Good quality gold sunglasses have specific lenses that keep colours as they should be and true to life. They are also great for depth perception and highlighting any flaws in the greens. Choose a pair that will effectively block any UVA and UVB rays (harmful to your eyes) and you’re all set.

5. Band-Aids

From covering up any cuts or abrasions, through to giving you a barrier against blisters when you need it most. You never realise just how much you need those trusty Band-Aids until you realise you forgot to pack them. Keep your bag well-stocked at all times.

6. A towel

If you don’t happen to have your own personal caddy, a towel must be in your bag at all times. You’ll need it to clean your clubs and wipe off moisture from your face or hands.

What are your must-have golf bag essentials?