Greens Report

Andrew Johnson

Course Superintendent Report

Updated - 18th April 2017
No report.
We have had more diseases on greens, bird damage and a spat of irrigation faults have influenced the greens conditions over the month. Soil samples were also sent away to identify any other problems that could be affecting the health. We have since received results back from one sample and followed the recommendations from the report and these include the following. Raising cutting height, treat the disease Pythium, improve drainage via coring and decrease thatch.
We have continued on sanding west bunkers and trimmed and fly mowed all east course bunkers.
Another interesting month with our irrigation system flooding greens and fairways on the west course. The positive from this is that the board and management have approved the Irrigation upgrade to covert the west course hydraulic system to electric which will drastically improve the entire running of the system. We have started to installing communication cable around the 18th west and putting greens now, from here we will then start between the 6 & 7 west fairways.
We have fixed many breaks and pin hole leaks in 100mm mainlines. An excavator was utilised to expose two breaks behind the 11th west greenside bunker and also next to the 16th west tee.
Water Availability
We expect to have around 270 Megs available by end of March. We can only carry over a maximum of 245 Megs. We will need to purchase some temp water to supplement our carry over balance if conditions remain dry in March and April. Water prices are at $50 per Meg on the market now.
Volunteer Work 
The volunteers have been removing Khaki weed, picking up fallen branches and will start on fixing potholes in pathways.
Course Works
We are doing some re-turfing and shaping works around the 2nd east green to improve turf quality and even out rough areas between the green and tee.
We have ceased fairway scarifying now as the weather has got cooler. We managed to get most fairways scarified, the faraway that were not finished will be completed in November.
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All greens have been treated for Spring dead prevention and dry patch.
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RESIDENTIAL ESTATE                  
We have treated all weeds on the vacant blocks and regular weekly maintenance continues on house blocks.
I have booked in the repair and maintenance works for the first week of May with Grass sports Australia as per their quote.
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FUTURE WORKS                                  
We will be focusing on the west course irrigation upgrade over the next three months. We have other works to complete which will include planting out the mounds on the practice fairway.
No report.
It has been a very busy month in the workshop with a replacement engine been fitted to workman due to age & fatigue, two mowers getting reel grind, Servicing equipment and purchasing tynes for our verti-drain.
There was 15mm of rain for the month over three days and the progressive rainfall is 48mm.
The same time last year we had 16mm rain for the month of March and the progressive rainfall was 79.5