Greens Report

Andrew Johnson
Course Superintendent Report 

Course Improvement Plan 2017 - East
Course Improvement Plan 2017 - West 

Around the Greens- Updated 27th July 2017

As we approach the end of another winter month we draw closer to our greens renovations in August and some warmer weather hopefully.
The dates for our greens renovations are:
20th August – 22 August (West)
27th August – 29th August. (East)

Over the past month our efforts have been concentrating on the upgrading of the communication wires to the west course irrigation system. All staff have done a very good job in getting the communication and 240 power wire installed. I have to make a special mention to David Foscett and Lee Harris who have been working each day trenching, exposing pipes and installing cable.

Bobcat trenching wires from the 10th west tee to     Installing  cable to valves for the 14th west green and 17th 
the 14th west tee.                                                      west tee

 Trench along the 2 west path with cable about to be layed.

We have also done some root pruning near greens to alleviate green’s drying out more from tree root encroachment. We have many trenches on the west course which will be filled with loam regularly as the trenches subside.

We are keeping up with our winter grass control on fairways, tees and greens surrounds. Further applications of herbicide are been applied to treat the winter grass for the second time.

The photo below is the mounds on the right side of the practice fairway. The Monday Volunteers and RRGC staff are planting out with medium and large trees to give the 7th west fairway a bit more of buffer from balls that might fly over. Good job all.

The photo below is a pile of rubble and fill located on the 13th west fairway rough. It is been stockpiled to re-establish the dam bank that is falling in around the 13 th green. We will put this fill in first then dress it with blue stone.

We are also planning to renovate the three bunkers on this hole plus irrigate and turf the right side of the bunkers, as it an area that has no turf and attracts a lot of play from the tee.


Updated - 15th June 2017
No report.
As discussed in last month's report we were following through on the recommendations from the two soil reports that we had done on both courses. We have already seen the improvements in root health after two months of the new programs that have been put in place. This is evident with grass roots only down 5-10mm in March and now 100mm is very good. There is a lot of pressures put onto greens especially in the summer months. If we can get the root system down as deep as we can this will have benefits for all.
As discussed in my April report regarding the large scale couch removal out of the greens I am finalising the proposal now to submit to the club.
The boys have managed to clean out and renovate four bunkers during the month. These are the L/H greenside 16th west, the R/H & back greenside on 11th west and the greenside bunker on 10th east.
All these bunkers held water during rain and will now save time on labour costs not having to pump them out and will improve the playability. We will continue these works throughout the winter months.
The main focus of our works this month was the completion of the wire path plan for 6&7 west and the next stage on the 10th & 18th west. The boys have still been busy repairing irrigation leaks and finding new ones weekly.
Water Availability
No report                
Volunteer Work 
The volunteers have been working on removing dead trees, crown lifting and working on pathways around the course.
Course Works 
We have been cleaning out drainage pits and starting to clean around valve boxes.
Fairways have been cut every two weeks due mainly to the good weather in the month. As June approaches the frosts will effect the growth, I can see this go back to mow every 3-4 weeks. We still have got some reasonable colour in the fairways which is good.
The practice bunker must be getting some use considering the amount of foot traffic that is along the face of the bunker. Can we please ensure that you exit the bunker from the back, as the face is destroyed every couple of days from the foot marks.                     
No report                
The croquet green has been Dethatched fortnightly and the flat weeds have been treated. A second application of herbicide is required to knock all of the flatweed out.                      
RESIDENTIAL ESTATE                  
We were requested to alter two panels of the brush fencing on lot 5 prior to the new owner moving in. Apart from our normal maintenance at the estate there has been no other works carried out.
The programmed maintenance works have been completed on all courts in the first week of May. Courts 4-6 have suffered from decay of the asphalt under the synthetic grass. These courts have now been down for over 11 years and only have 6mm of pile left.
No Report.                                          
FUTURE WORKS                                  
Continue with the west course irrigation upgrade and the renovation of bunkers on both courses.
No report.
No Report
There was 20.5mm of rain for the month over four days and the progressive rainfall is 159.5mm.
The same time last year we had 77mm of rain for the month of May and the progressive rainfall was 184.5mm